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Scuba Diving Center

We provide a fully equipped scuba diving center with experienced dive professionals who are happy to arrange and oversee your scuba diving expeditions – for both beginners and advanced divers. Explore the beautiful and renown dive sites of Vaavu Atoll. Just a mere 10 minutes away, near the island of Vaavu Felidhoo is the Fotteyo Falhu (Fotteyo Mul). At 50km long, this is the longest unbroken barrier reef found in the Maldives. The waters are warm and densely packed with a wide array of exotic marine life. Sighting of the magnificent Manta Rays and Whale Sharks are common.


Water Sports Center

Get your blood pumping and have a story to tell when you return home. Whether it’s an adrenaline wake-boarding session or a high-octane jet ski ride, the waters of Maldives offer an array of activities for the energetic and adventurous. We offer these water sports choices:

  • Snorkel and explore the coral reefs teeming with exotic marine life.
  • Catamaran Sail.
  • Canoe ride.
  • Jet Skis for the adventurous hearts.

Fishing Trip

We provide the latest fishing gear and are happy help you plan for your fishing adventure. You may choose your fishing spot from the following:

  • The waters surrounding the island are home to the reef fishes such as snappers, squirrelfish, jacks, emperors and much more. Perhaps one of the most beautiful spots for fishing.
  • Experience night fishing under the peaceful night sky.
  • The open Maldivian waters with its abundance of tunas, wahoos, sailfish and marlins await.

Land Excursions

What better way to explore and understand the Maldivian culture than to go on an expedition to the local islands?

Experience the Maldives traditions and way of life by visiting some of the most untouched islands around Vaavu Atoll. Interact and understand the lifestyles of the locals and realize that each community from these different islands has their own unique characteristics. Indulge in a local cuisine, relax at local tea house and perhaps, join on in a local game of chess or football.

You may also choose to step into the capital of the Maldives – Male. Observe the vast differences in culture in the city compared to the islands and experience some of the historical sites and monuments of the Maldives.

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Maldives Oceanic Village

Discover the soul of the Maldives at the new Oceanic Village at Vaavu Thinadhoo. Now open for bookings!